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Customer solutions plus makes the news fighting a fatberg in Birmingham

Our team are currently tackling a huge 300-tonne fatberg in Hodge Hill in Birmingham, within our WINS contract with Severn Trent!

Sapphires RedSky journey

RedSky was selected by Sapphire’s Finance Director Stewart Astley as the contract costing system, which was required to provide accurate contract performance information to both the management team and the Clients.

Our Waste Infra Network Services contract starts today!

Today is the launch date of our new Waste Infra Network Services (WINS) contract with Severn Trent!

Sapphire raised £60,000 for charity

We did it…£60K in 30 days.

Sapphire supporting communities at Christmas

During these unprecedented times, many are finding it hard to cope.

Major Severn Trent wastewater contract awarded to customer solutions plus

Customer Solutions Plus, a Joint Venture between Network Plus and Sapphire Utility Solutions, has successfully been awarded a significant contract with Severn Trent.

What a year for Sapphire Utility Solutions…

Back in early 2019, Preston based Sapphire Utility Solutions closed their year with a Turnover of £22m.

Training during the Covid-19 pandemic

Adapting our training procedures during these uncertain times is essential.

Sapphire achieves industry registration for GIRS, NERS, WIRS

We are pleased to announce another great achievement in 2020 with achieving Industry Registration for GIRS, NERS & WIRS.

Sapphire Utility Solutions is now part of the WIAPS scheme!

We pleased to announce that SUS are now part of the WIAPS scheme.