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1800s China and animal bones discovered in York sewer

Our operatives based on Buckingham Street in York recently came across a shocking discovery of 1800s China and animal bones during a recent CCTV survey and sewer repair!

Our team were performing a proactive pollution CCTV survey of a combined sewer this month when they discovered the sewer to be deformed, in poor condition and it had partially collapsed at a lamp hole.

With risk to a pollution incident close to York City Centre, our team had to act fast to ensure the risk of internal flooding in close by properties was avoided at all costs.

During the works, York Archaeological Trust who arranged to have an archaeological watching brief during the repair were handed our findings which included animal bones and horns (thought to be from an old slaughterhouse) and pieces of 1800s China.

York was previously a roman town steeped in archaeology with a number of listed buildings across town, including those on Buckingham Street where our team was working on behalf of Yorkshire Water.

Well done to our team working on site who are making excellent time on Buckingham Street to have the job completed on time. Our team were thrilled with the exciting finds!

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