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A day in the life of a training coordinator

Tell us about your typical working day.

A typical day includes setting up training courses and ensuring resources are available (i.e., equipment for practical assessments) to facilitate training that is taking place both on-site and those taking place at our training providers facilities. I ensure the onboarding of new employees through facilitating induction training, liaising with internal trainers and taking attendance registers, along with photos of attendees.

This allows me to generate a profile on our electronic management platform, e20io, which I build, manage and monitor competence and training compliance. I liaise with all divisions across the business on training compliance and managing competence from site management to senior management level.

What do you like most about your job?

Every day is different with new challenges to overcome. I enjoy the relationships I have built with teams within Sapphire, who work with me to allocate training to delegates. I enjoy feeling valued as an integral member of the HSEQ team. The training coordinator job role is a good challenge of my organisation skills and creating a balance between reducing deficit whilst not disturbing daily work operations. I appreciate that my high level of organisation skills makes my daily tasks easier to manage.

Name three things you like about Sapphire Utility Solutions.

I like the comradery and rapport I have with fellow colleagues. I like the fact that there is a collegiate approach to work where colleagues will help when required. 

What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

Unforeseen circumstances such as emergency works and COVID result in last-minute cancellations. Due to the good rapport with both internal and external stakeholders, I am able to fill courses preventing significant financial loss to the business whilst upskilling SUS employees. Since starting my role in July 2021, the business has rapidly expanded which has challenged the department. As we currently have no internal trainer, I am solely responsible for ensuring all 1200+ employees are trained and competent for their specific roles.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to be a Training Coordinator?

 Know your company! Familiarise yourself with the teams and their training requirements, what they do on a daily basis and then you’ll learn what to prioritise in terms of training. Be organised and create good relationships with your training providers.

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