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Launching our brand new Pollution Units

What are our Pollution Units being used for?

Our brand-new Pollution Units are being used to response and mitigate the pollution incidents within our United Utilities contract. Pollution incidents can occur when unconsented discharge enters the natural environment. By introducing these new units via a brand-new approach that has never been adopted before, we can respond quickly and effectively to any pollution incidents.

How do the Pollution Units affect health and safety on site?

We have several well-trained Operatives who are able to safely use the Pollution Units and ATV trailers. Often pollution incidents are within locations such as fields which are hard to access with large vehicles, and previous solutions such as excavators have had several difficulties, therefore this new solution was adopted to allow us to quickly and safely mitigate any pollution incidents in the Northwest.

What are the benefits of using the Pollution Units?

Having a unit specifically designed for these incidents helps to protect the United Utilities environmental credentials, helping to achieve the pollution ODI and mitigate any penalties. A huge cost saving has been achieved with the launch of these units due to enhancing and protecting our clients performance. When the piece of kit is tailored to the job in hand, from a reputational perspective, the environmental regulator will provide credibility enhancing our client’s reputation.

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