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Shaping the Future with Young Talent

We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications for work experience. As our recruitment team grows, we actively seek young minds to join us and help shape the future of our company. We believe in the power of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, and by offering work experience opportunities, we aim to provide valuable hands-on training to aspiring professionals.

Lee Dempsey and his son and Henri who completed his work experience with us.

When applicants join us for work experience, they can expect a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. We understand the importance of getting to know our candidates, so we begin by sitting down with them to discuss our business in depth.

This initial interaction helps familiarise them with our operations and goals, setting the stage for a rewarding experience.

Our work experience programme is designed to offer candidates a diverse range of tasks and experiences. From conducting risk assessments to creating schedules based on individual interests, we provide a personalised approach that allows candidates to explore various aspects of our business. Streetworks, commercial operations, fleet management, driving licence checks, and more – our work experience applicants have the opportunity to delve into these crucial areas and gain practical knowledge and skills.

Oliver Turberfield learning from our Operations Manager Dom Evans.

One recent success story is Oliver (left), who recently completed his work experience journey with us. Throughout his time at Sapphire Utility Solutions, Oliver delved into different facets of our business, acquiring hands-on experience and valuable insights. From Streetworks and Commercial to Fleet management, Oliver developed a well-rounded understanding of our industry. We take pride in nurturing young talent like Oliver and enabling their growth in the field.

At Sapphire Utility Solutions, we are committed to fostering growth in the industry and nurturing young talent. Our work experience programme is one way we invest in emerging professionals, creating a supportive environment for them to develop their skills and contribute meaningfully to the field. We believe that by empowering young minds, we can collectively shape the future of the utility industry.

Alison Nicholls and her daughter Ellie who completed her work experience with us.

If you are a young and ambitious individual seeking a valuable work experience opportunity, we invite you to apply to Sapphire Utility Solutions. Join our team and embark on a journey of exploration and growth, where your talents will be nurtured, and your potential will be unleashed.

Together, let’s shape the future of the utility industry.


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