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Sapphire’s Integration of Samsara for Enhanced Compliance and Driver Excellence

At Sapphire, we’re always on the lookout for new systems to help us keep our growing fleet and plant safe, compliant, and well-documented. That’s why we brought in Samsara. Samsara is a top-notch telematics company that’s a leader in its field. It has already helped us with the necessary reporting we now need due to the size of our fleet. Plus, it’s backed by insurance providers, which shows we’re serious about our employees’ safety and our fleet’s well-being.

This investment lets us better handle one of our biggest safety concerns. Our drivers cover almost 4 million miles every year. While Samsara has only been in some vehicles for a few months, it’s already helped us use video-based safety records to defend our drivers when they’ve had accidents or close calls.

The system has brought the business many benefits since it was introduced. It has made our drivers safer, saved us money with our fleet, improved our service, and helped the environment. It has also helped us figure out where our drivers might need a little extra coaching to improve their driving skills.

As we rolled out this new system, we proudly introduced the ‘Driving to Success’ awards. This is our way to say thanks to our best and most improved drivers every month with a cash prize. So far, we’ve given out £500 to our top winners, and we’ll keep doing this each month to recognize our best and most improved drivers.

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