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Jen Takes a Plunge: From Customer Excellence to Jetting Adventures!

In a surprising career move, Jen, a former member of Sapphire Utility Solutions’ Customer Excellence department, has transitioned to the world of Jetting. We had the opportunity to sit down with Jen and discuss her new role and the reasons behind her decision to make this exciting change.

When asked about her new job title, Jen proudly revealed that she is now a Jetting Operative, responsible for addressing drainage issues across the North West. Unlike her previous position in Customer Excellence, which required her to interact directly with customers, Jen now finds herself engaging in more hands-on investigative work and fixing drainage problems.

Jen’s journey with Sapphire Utility Solutions began in August 2022 when she joined the company as a field-based Customer Liaison Officer. However, her contract in the Customer Excellence department concluded in March 2023, leading her to explore alternative career paths within the company.

During her time at Sapphire Utility Solutions, Jen had the opportunity to work closely with the Jetting Operatives, undertaking overtime assignments with United Utilities. This experience opened her eyes to the fulfilling and enjoyable nature of their work, as recommended by her fellow operatives. Ultimately, Jen’s preference for being out in the field and her desire for a more hands-on role motivated her decision to apply for a position in the Jetting Department.

Reflecting on her new role, Jen expressed her genuine enjoyment and satisfaction. She highlighted the supportive and knowledgeable work environment, emphasizing the willingness of her colleagues to offer assistance whenever needed. Jen’s transition from an office-based role to one involving physical work and problem-solving has proven to be a positive change in her professional life.

When asked about the differences between her previous and current roles, Jen mentioned that her new position requires her to spend less time interacting directly with customers. Instead, she focuses on investigating drainage issues across various locations in the North West and implementing effective solutions.

To prepare for her new responsibilities, Jen underwent extensive training. She completed six training courses and spent several weeks shadowing experienced operatives in the field. Once she felt ready, Jen was paired with a seasoned United Utilities Blockage Technician to further refine her skills.

When asked about the positives of her new role, Jen mentioned three key aspects. Firstly, she emphasized the positive atmosphere among her team members, highlighting their friendliness and supportiveness. Secondly, the job itself offers a diverse range of tasks, ensuring that no two days are the same, keeping her engaged and challenged. Lastly, time seems to fly by in her new role, as she is constantly occupied with meaningful work.

However, no job is without its areas for improvement. Jen pointed out that the sizing of personal protective equipment (PPE) could be more tailored to women, with gloves often being too large. By addressing this concern, Sapphire Utility Solutions can ensure the comfort and safety of their female employees in the field.

A typical day for Jen begins with a visit to one of Sapphire Utility Solutions’ depots, such as Salmesbury, Sandon, or Davyhulme, where she picks up her Blockage Technician partner. They conduct necessary checks and risk assessments for the day ahead. After reviewing the schedule, they embark on a journey across various towns in the North West, locating and addressing drainage issues through techniques such as CCTV work and jetting.

Jen’s transition from dealing with customer complaints in Customer Excellence to her current role as a Jetting Operative showcases her versatility and adaptability within Sapphire Utility Solutions. Her unique perspective and experience gained from her previous role undoubtedly add value to the team.

Concluding the interview, Jen would like to thank Dom Evans and Iain Barnett for being supportive role models in the business who have helped her to succeed in her new role


As Jen continues to excel in her new position, Sapphire Utility Solutions can celebrate her successful transition and recognize her as a valuable asset. Jen’s journey is a testament to the diverse opportunities and career growth within the company, inspiring others to explore new horizons and embrace exciting challenges in their professional lives.

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