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Sapphire working proudly with Network Plus and United Utilities in our Intelligent Collaborative Partnership

We are proud of our ongoing collaborative partnership with Network Plus and United Utilities under the Network Maintenance Services contract, looking at key areas such as Health & Safety, compliance, customer service, efficiency, and sustainability.

Together we have developed a series of initiatives that are now being implemented or in process. They include:

S.T.O.P. Cards

These cards have been developed as a quick reminder to our teams to Stop, Think, Observe and then Proceed. Simple reminders can be the most effective – helping keep our everyone safe on site. They also offer a clear directive that everyone has the authority to stop work or behaviour that is unsafe.

HAVI Watch Trial

This clever piece of kit enables system administrators to gather vibration magnitude data via the HAVI app on our team’s phones. The HAVI itself is strapped onto the tool being used, and together they calculate our operatives HAVs exposure each day enabling us to better protect our teams from this risk.

License to Operate

This innovative scheme provides a clear framework for competency, experience, performance, and behaviour – providing a tiered structure for progression for our ancillary operatives while giving both businesses a clear view of how to support our teams, as well as a great opportunity to share best practice and knowledge across the contract.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Calendar

This shared calendar of key health, safety and wellbeing touchpoints enables the two businesses to work together to raise key messages and keep our teams safe and well.

These initiatives are complemented by our collaborative leadership inspection schedule, handout packs and schedule of stand downs.

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