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Phase 2 of the battle against contaminated surface water begins

As our company enters Phase 2, Michael Lawson and Stuart Edge are getting some extra support from the incredible Cape SPC pollution detection dogs, Milo and Tiko.

Along with the addition of four more vans to our contract, we are now even better equipped to combat pollution in all bodies of water including ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, and seas. Together with United Utilities we are dedicated  to the fight against pollution and safeguarding our precious natural resources.

“Milo & Tiko are a massive help decreasing the large amount of properties we have to investigate. They do this by pre-checking for pollution with their highly trained sensitive noses, sniffing all the S/W MH’s before we investigate the properties in different Catchments in the North West. Plus just working with such talented dogs wagging their tails is an absolute joy!”

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