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New ways of thinking to help reduce water loss

Some leaks in water pipes are inevitable. Joints can be susceptible to seepage and pipes can become damaged by ground movements caused by freezing weather or the weight of traffic on roads.

Sapphire Utility Solutions works with water companies to provide a repair and maintenance service, for both planned and emergency repairs.

In an effort to reduce cost and minimise disruption we continually seek new ways of working to make it easier to carry out maintenance and repair tasks.

As always, our shared aim is to maximise the life of existing assets, whilst improving delivery of service to our customers.

To try to tackle the problem of leakage, the Leakage Conference has established itself as a key event attracting over 130 delegates last year.

The conference, which is led by industry professionals, creates debate allowing for knowledge to be shared and generate new ways of thinking to help to decrease water leakage.

Each year delegates come from not only our member’s companies but also regulators, government, manufacturers and the wider supply chain.

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