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Major investment in cutting-edge technology

Ensuring we have the latest in fleet and equipment is of paramount importance to Sapphire Utility Solutions. This month has seen some major investment in cutting-edge technology with the delivery of three new JHL recyclers and a new CityFlex unit. 

We have also taken delivery of state of the art intrinsically safe cameras and innovative robotic cutters. These additions bring a number of benefits to our clients, in terms of safety, improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

The CityFlex is a compact unit, designed to work in densely populated areas on smaller scale jetting and suction tasks. The benefit of the CityFlex is that it takes up less space than tradition
al units, causing less disruption to traffic and the local community.

Using a recycler, the jetting water is continuously recycled, removing the need for the operator to stop work in order to fill with water. 

This maximises the working time on site and reduces tipping as the water is separated from the solids, minimising our impact on the environment and in turn, reducing costs and improving productivity.

Sapphire Utility Solutions goes one step further with our recycler units. Traditionally, a camera unit would be dispatched with a recycler, in order to survey the pipes and prepare a pre and post cleaning report. Working with the manufacturer and our clients, we identified that it would be possible to mount the cameras on to the recycler units, reducing disruption to the general public and bringing cost savings to our clients. 

Our new recycler units are fitted with these cameras, giving our clients the benefit of cutting-edge technology and a more efficient service.

In addition, our cameras are all now intrinsically safe models, meaning that they have been purpose built to stop potential dangerous sparks or other damaging heating effects, when working in hazardous and volatile environments.

Last, but certainly not least, is the latest edition to our range of robotic cutters. The ‘Climbolino’ is the first of its kind in the UK and is designed to work in pipes of 2” diameter and above. 

It also has the ability to climb vertically in order to reach the most inaccessible of places and we are proud to be the first UK provider of this service.

Please contact us for more information about our fleet and equipment.

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