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5 ways Sapphire Utility Solutions are driving a brighter, cleaner future

In a significant step towards environmental sustainability, our company has made an important decision to upgrade our upper management company cars from hybrid to all-electric vehicles. This pivotal shift not only aligns with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, but also brings about substantial cost savings and cleaner air for our local environment.

By embracing all-electric cars, we are taking a proactive stance in minimizing our ecological impact. These vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, resulting in improved air quality and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Our transition to all-electric cars will significantly contribute to eradicating air pollution and combating climate change.

This move towards electric vehicles is not an isolated initiative but part of a broader commitment to sustainable practices. We have already made significant strides in other areas, such as the adoption of 100% recycled materials, including our switch from Virgin Stone. This new material offers increased benefits in terms of reducing our carbon footprint due to its eco-friendly production process.

Additionally, we have recently replaced heavy clay pipes with lightweight alternatives. This change has not only resulted in fuel reduction due to decreased weight but has also reduced plant and operation usage. The manufacturing process and materials used for the lightweight pipes contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, further solidifying our dedication to sustainability.

We are also proud to share that our waste diversion rate at our Preston depots stands at an impressive 99.94%. This achievement means that a minuscule fraction of our waste ends up in landfills, with 93.8% of it being efficiently recycled, and the remainder converted into valuable energy sources.

To further demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection, we have partnered with Bristol County Council to plant trees in the local area. These tree-planting initiatives, conducted in collaboration with Bristol Learning City and Trees for Streets, help enhance biodiversity and improve air quality. The Silver Birch and Cherry trees we have chosen will play a crucial role in supporting a healthy ecosystem.

As we embrace electric vehicles, recycled materials, waste management, and tree-planting, we are forging a path towards a greener, more sustainable future. We believe that every positive change we make as a company contributes to the collective effort of safeguarding our planet for generations to come.

Together, let’s drive towards a brighter, cleaner future.

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