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Introducing the launch of Upskill

We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new training platform within Sapphire Utility Solutions! Upskill E-Learning was trialled by a single department at our head office in July and August 2021 and will be rolled out to the full business on 1st September.

Our new training platform will revolutionise the training process across the business, even allowing staff from other businesses to undertake training courses online, receiving a certificate of completion at the end. Upskill E-Learning provides training for many subjects including fire safety, first aid, cyber security, and data protection. In addition, it can offer soft skills such as identifying stress in the workplace and transitioning from an employee to manager.



Managers can assign their staff training and refresher courses, tracking who has passed, who requires extra support to complete the course and report on the data within the system to determine how well their department performed as a whole. Once this data is gathered, it can be compared to other departments and even as a whole company. With all the information in one place, it is now easier than ever to review training within the business and report on the results at Sapphire Utility Solutions.

As a user, each staff member who takes a training course first gets notified via email that they have been assigned a training course. They are then able to log into the platform, take the interactive quiz full of videos and questionnaires, finally being awarded a grade and printable certificate!

In addition to training courses, Upskill can distribute surveys, produce signable documents, and share news stories to all staff. The reporting elements continue through these additional features too, with managers being able to see who viewed and signed documents, who viewed communications and what they answered in surveys.



COVID-19 greatly impacted our business within the training department as we were unable to conduct training sessions via our previous method due to having to adhere to social distancing and government guidelines. In addition to this, IT security attacks are on the rise, therefore the need to train staff remotely has grown significantly over the past year to ensure compliance in relation to cyber security. This new interactive training platform has not only exceeded our expectations and requirements for additional training to be rolled out to hundreds of staff, it has also saved the business a significant amount of money.


I am delighted to announce the new training platform roll out to our business and also to introduce such a massive cost saving for the business by training our staff through Upskill E-Learning. With our ever-expanding team, the cost of training 1,000 staff members is always growing. By introducing this new platform we are saving over £15,000 per training course when rolled out to the entire workforce.

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