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Teaming up with United Utilities and the Environmental Agency to Safeguard the Environment

In a joint effort to protect the environment and ensure the proper functioning of residential drainage systems, we have been working alongside United Utilities and the Environmental Agency, to take up the task of locating crossed connections. Our operatives employ innovative inspection techniques to identify misconnections where household appliances are mistakenly linked to clean water drains. Through our diligent work, we strive to safeguard the environment and promote sustainable practices.

Our Operatives play a vital role in identifying crossed connections in residential houses. When we receive reports of potential issues, our skilled staff visit the properties to conduct comprehensive inspections of both the interior and exterior piping systems. With our expertise and attention to detail, we can detect any misconnections or faulty installations that result in wastewater being discharged into the surface water drains.

To verify the presence of crossed connections, we employ a simple yet effective technique: the green dye method. During our inspections, we introduce a harmless green dye into the wastewater drain system, which diverts wastewater away from the property. By carefully monitoring the clean water drain, we can quickly determine whether the dye appears, indicating a misconnection. If the green dye is detected in the clean water system, it is a clear indication that a crossed connection exists, allowing for prompt remedial action.

Upon confirming the presence of crossed connections, our staff draw a detailed map of the property’s plumbing system. We then share this map with United Utilities and the Environmental Agency. These organizations work together to contact the affected customer and recommend the necessary steps to rectify the issue. They provide guidance on fixing the misconnections within an agreed timeframe, ensuring that clean water and wastewater drainage systems are properly separated, reducing the risk of contamination, and promoting a healthier environment.

Our collaboration with United Utilities and the Environmental Agency shows our unwavering commitment to environmental preservation. By locating and rectifying crossed connections, we prevent the contamination of clean water supplies with wastewater, safeguarding the integrity of local ecosystems. Our proactive approach not only protects the environment but also ensures the health and well-being of communities. Through our collective efforts, we strive to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

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