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We are VAPAR partners!


We are delighted to announce our partnership with VAPAR, who provide software solutions to pipe assessments for wastewater and stormwater pipes.

The new interface which we now use for pipe inspections, VAPAR Solutions, is a cloud-based platform where users upload inspection footage, and the AI processes the video to identify defects at the touch of a button. The results can be reviewed with advanced features, and the information can be collected to report on and share with our clients.

The new partnership follows an 18-month trial with VAPAR’s new AI software, and while the testing and development stages continue over the coming year, we are delighted to introduce such a promising, innovative solution to the wastewater industry.

VAPAR’s partner program launched mid 2021, and Sapphire are among other industry leaders to partner with VAPAR , delivering our knowledge and experience with their AI solutions directly to our industry of speciality.


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