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Sapphire wins major frameworks with Yorkshire Water

Sapphire Utility Solutions (SUS) is delighted to announce its appointment to two frameworks for Yorkshire Water to support the delivery of their Asset Management Plan (AMP) 7 period. The frameworks, lasting 4 years, with the potential to extend for a further 4 years, have a combined total value of £650m and cover infrastructure schemes for clean and wastewater networks and customer focused infrastructure works.

“We are delighted to be awarded these contracts,” say’s Colin Kelly, SUS Managing Director. “Having worked within the Yorkshire Water supply chain in the past, we are excited to be selected as one of their suppliers to help them achieve their strategic objectives.”

We are looking forward to working collaboratively with Yorkshire Water, with the new frameworks providing an excellent platform to develop innovative and efficient delivery solutions for Yorkshire Water’s customers.”

The frameworks cover infrastructure construction, renewal, refurbishment and replacement works on both clean and wastewater networks on below ground assets, typically public highways.

“We are delighted to have put in place the final piece of our highly collaborative partnering arrangements for the delivery of our AMP7 programme,” say’s Mark Baker, Yorkshire Water’s Head of Programme Delivery. “We are excited to be embarking on a new way of working which takes us away from a traditional transactional environment and into an Enterprise world which will see new levels of engagement, alignment and collaboration between partners to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.”


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