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Sapphire Utility Solutions is a finalist in the Water Industry Awards 2023

Sapphire Utility Solutions is a finalist in the Water Industry Awards 2023 in the category of ‘Asset management initiative of the year’ for their submission ‘Using AI to improve wastewater network investment decision making’.

The submission details the collaboration between Sapphire, United Utilities, VAPAR and Ipsum to use AI to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of wastewater network investment decision making.

The project began with United Utilities identifying a need to improve the way they made investment decisions for their wastewater network.

United Utilities turned to VAPAR, a company that specializes in using AI to improve asset management. VAPAR developed a software platform that could automatically analyse sewer inspection footage, highlight and code defects, and recommend a suitable repair for an Engineer to confirm.

The platform was tested on United Utilities’ proactive sewer inspection program, and it was found to be significantly faster and more accurate than the manual process. As a result, United Utilities was able to make investment decisions more quickly and confidently, which led to improved network performance and reduced costs.

Sapphire was involved in the project from the outset, providing engineering expertise and support. Ipsum was also involved, providing project management and technical support.

The project was a success, and it has the potential to be rolled out across United Utilities’ entire wastewater network. It is also being considered by other water companies around the world.

The Water Industry Awards are the most prestigious awards in the water industry, and Sapphire Utility Solutions is proud to be a finalist. The award would be a recognition of the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the project.

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