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Sapphire rebuilds 20m sewer over a river with Yorkshire Water

Our team recently completed a pipe support bridge repair following a storm which badly damaged its supports within the Huddersfield countryside.

We were approached by a customer who reported an unsafe condition of a pipe support bridge on his property which crossed a river. Upon inspection we found that the sewer was at risk of collapse which could cause a pollution incident. This was particularly serious as the customer had numerous farm animals living on the land which the river was in.

Yorkshire water quickly erected scaffolding supports and SUS performed regular checks on the sewer while the planning was taking place to ensure no further deterioration was going to take place. However, storm Ciara and storm Dennis created complications as the strong winds and harsh weather conditions had caused the scaffolding to move. Our team urgently repaired the scaffolding following the storm and made plans with haste to ensure the permanent stabilisation of the structure was completed with a matter of urgency, especially as the high stream flow could collect debris around the structure.

After our plans to demolish then replace the supports of the live sewer were in place, our Customer Excellence Officers contacted neighbouring properties on the edge of the land regarding the works which were due to be completed to ensure all residents were happy for our work to commence.

Well done to the team who completed this work on time, preventing pollution to the local area and repairing supports to a sewer while live.


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