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Our Highways team were on their way to a job for Stockport Council on Thursday 23rd September, waiting for a wagon to fill up on a hydrant. A member of the team saw smoke coming from further down the road and decided to investigate to see if anyone needed help. It was then that they stumbled upon a blazing fire – a car located on a street full of shops and houses was on fire! The team quickly drove their wagon to a safe distance within reach of the car and turned on their water unit hoses to put the fire out.

A paramedic was nearby and called the fire brigade while our teams continued to use their water hoses to try and put the fire out.

Jack Chambers who works for Sapphire Utility Solutions said “The car was directly next to lots of shops, and we could see a child’s car seat inside the car. The whole thing could have gone differently if we were not there to help. Thankfully nobody was injured!”

Well done to Lewis Swain, Eoin Long, Aidan Atkinson and Jack Chambers for their fast thinking and selflessness during this heroic act.
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