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Sapphire wins contract for Medway drainage


Sapphire wins contract for Medway drainage

Sapphire Utility Solutions is delighted to announce that VolkerHighways has awarded them a five year contract with five further annual extensions available, to provide drainage maintenance services in Medway, Kent, as part of  VolkerHighways’ highway infrastructure contract with Medway Council.

Medway is made up of the towns of Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Rainham and more rural areas, including the Hoo Peninsula. As a unitary authority Medway Council provides all local government services for a quarter of a million people.

“We are delighted to receive this contract,” says Sapphire’s Paul Hancock. “One of the reasons for our success is the quality of work that we have undertaken for VolkerHighways in the past – in West Berkshire and in the Medway Tunnel, for example. We have also repaired damaged drains for them using no-dig patch repairs; completing the work ahead of schedule and minimising disruption.”

VolkerHighways’ contract with Medway Council covers both planned and responsive maintenance including carriageway and footway resurfacing, winter maintenance, drainage cleansing and other works.

Sohail Hussain, project manager for VolkerHighways’ Medway contract, said: “We have full confidence that the team at Sapphire Utilities will deliver a safe and high quality service at Medway and look forward to building a successful partnership with them.”

As a sub-contractor responsible for the highway drainage element of the contract, Sapphire Utility Solutions will undertake the emptying, cleaning and maintenance of all gulleys, drains, chambers, pipes, covered channels or proprietary kerbs/channels collecting surface water run-off for transfer to a drainage system or soak-away.

Drain inspection will be undertaken with the latest CCTV inspection technology which enables Sapphire’s engineers to assess the structural condition and integrity of drains and sewers, with no disruption to the surrounding area. Digital mapping of underground resources also helps to plan repair work and to implement an effective rehabilitation strategy.

All gullies will be cleaned annually and checked for free flow. However, localised factors may necessitate an increased cleaning frequency – intense rainfall, flooding potential, seasonal issues such as leaves, agricultural activity, gradient of site, detritus from the carriageway etc.

Gullies will be cleaned using Sapphire’s specialist gully emptying machines, with care taken to minimise noise, nuisance or obstruction. Gully cleansing will include the removal of all silt, debris, detritus and liquid from the gully, checking for free-flow and clearing obstructions in the connections to the main. After emptying, gullies will be flushed and refilled with clean or recycled water and checked to ensure that water drains freely. In the event of a gully connection failing to allow free flow, Sapphire will take steps to clear minor blockages with the use of high pressure hoses and rods. Sapphire will also undertake the quarterly cleanse of the Medway Tunnel.

“Sapphire Utility Solutions has grown rapidly over the past four years, and this success is a reflection of the investments that we have made in the latest technologies and in staff with a passion to deliver outstanding service,” comments Managing Director Colin Kelly. “We also seek to work collaboratively in the effective resolution of any challenges, so we are looking forward to further developing our partnership with VolkerHighways for the benefit of the Medway residents.”

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