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Celebrating 10 years of Sapphire Utility Solutions

From a small depot in Preston and a handful of staff, we are proud to have developed Sapphire into a business maintaining critical utility and highway infrastructure that serves millions of customers across the country.  This can only be achieved thanks to our all our employees, who have worked tirelessly every single day over the past ten years to help us achieve so many remarkable things.

Our vision has always been to passionately work alongside our clients, partners and customers to maintain the utility services essential to modern life and from the very beginning, we valued innovation, inclusion and our people, striving to be a catalyst for change.

Throughout the years, we have collaborated to develop innovative solutions to address our client’s challenges, and drawing on our expertise and diverse capability, turning us into one of the most successful utility businesses in the UK.

Keeping innovation at the forefront of our minds, we have significantly invested in new technology to support our business in delivering our employee and client requirements. This helps us to remain at the forefront of our sector and our latest development uses augmented reality to improve employee learning through interactive engagement, enabling rapid employee training on daily activities.  

Putting our people at the heart of what we do, we prioritise their wellbeing with multiple wellbeing support networks providing the appropriate level of support through our partners such as the Lighthouse charity and Health Assured Employee Assistance Programme and also our every increasing wellbeing champions network.

Employee engagement ensures we remain connected to our workforce and our employee forum, enables us to gather regular insight from our workforce in a structured manner at each of our main locations across the UK.

We have always been passionate about leaving a positive legacy within the local communities in which we live and work and have donated £250,000 to good causes such as local charities, schools and sports teams. We have increased this commitment even further in 2022 by launching The Sapphire Foundation, where our employees nominate local charities, which are close to their heart. Our foundation has helped many charities since its launch including Bardet-Biedl Syndrome UK, Jeffrey’s Biker Journey, WHAG, SANDS and many more. This legacy also includes operating in a more sustainable manner by reducing and eradicating our impact on our environment through our science-based target approach.  

These past ten years have been filled with not only many successes but also overcoming significant challenges.  None of this would be possible without the incredible commitment and effort of all our people and also the trust and belief of our clients have placed in us.


Here’s to next ten successful years!

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