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Cadent awards ten-year contract to Sapphire Utility Solutions and Enzen global


Sapphire Utility Solutions, in a joint venture with Enzen Global, is delighted to announce that Cadent has awarded it the Construction Management Organisation contract covering the West Midlands region.

The joint venture combines day-one delivery capability with the innovation and transformation experience required to meet and exceed Cadent’s business and regulatory requirements year-on-year. The Construction Management Organisation will play a key role in Cadent’s transformation to a network-aligned model through the management of mains and service replacement, customer diversions and reinforcement works. This activity includes more than three hundred kilometres of mains replacement every year for the next ten years in the region.

We are delighted to have been selected as Cadent’s partner of choice. This award is a testament to our fresh thinking, collaborative mindset and ability to develop innovative approaches that will allow us to support Cadent in meeting its annual commitments. Through the introduction of a new dynamic operating model, we will safely deliver services that delight customers and create a legacy for future generations in the local communities that we serve.

In a joint statement Sanjay Neogi, Head of UK and Europe for Enzen Global, and Manish Jamthe, CEO of Enzen UK, said: “The confidence that Cadent has shown in the grant of this contract has made us extremely happy and is a confirmation of our deep expertise in the utilities network and construction management domain. We arrive with next-level innovation and process efficiency to steer Cadent through the regulatory and business commitments while building a best-in-class operating model.”

The JV leadership stated, “We are confident in deploying a safe, resilient and customer-centric delivery engine. We will remain committed to delivering on the promise we have made to Cadent for the entirety of the contract and look forward to becoming an integral part of an exceptional team

The joint venture will work collaboratively with Cadent’s investment planning office and local delivery partners to deliver regulatory outputs for up to ten years.

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