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Training during the Covid-19 pandemic

Adapting our training procedures during these uncertain times is essential. As a business, we believe training is an important part of the job, and we cannot afford to put this on pause.

We prioritize the safety of each and every member of staff and must always enable workplace learning, even during the current pandemic, to ensure our staff members have the correct knowledge to do their job to the highest standard.

To continue enabling our training sessions and developing the careers of our valued team members, we have taken certain tactical steps to be able to protect both our employee’s safety, and also maintain the high standard of delivery across our workforces.

I have worked in the utilities industry for over 20 years, starting off at grass roots level as a pick-up driver, team leader, project manager then into the Health and Safety world which took me in to training. With these experiences I can really relate to the operatives’ views, challenges and demands that they face whilst working in various environments. I try and put my experience and empathy into the delivery of my training to make it as informative and enjoyable, whilst also getting the message of the subject matter across and understood.

Training during these times has had to be adapted to comply with Government guidance as well as utilising best the facilities currently available to us. One of the challenges that faced the training fraternity was getting back to first aid training, which requires a hands-on approach to be effective. Through implementing the wearing of gloves, face masks and wiping down equipment we have now adapted our day to day routine to comply with Government advice. The safeguards we have in place are also reflected in our training provider supply chain to ensure the safety of our staff.

Recently we have had audits assessments from our Awarding Bodies on the training we deliver, and at the same time we achieved our accreditations with NPORS , EUSR and Worksafe. 

All are very happy with the standard for training we continue to deliver and we are positive that the current COVID safe guards and the training facilities we provide are up to date with Government guidelines.

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