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The Urban Recycler – a step change for drainage works

Sapphire Utility Solutions, working in collaboration with JHL, is delighted to introduce the Urban Recycler, a compact, ‘first time resolution’ recycler. The Urban Recycler, or CityRECycler® 206, has gully cleaning capabilities and will deliver a step change to the utilities, rail, highways and commercial sectors, with a positive impact on the environment, due to a reduction in clean water usage and the amount of waste to landfill.

The road network removes surface water through roadside gullies, many of which are decades old. The usual approach to cleaning these has been the deployment of traditional jetvac units, with limited flexibility and up to 20% of the working day lost, due to the need to draw from the clean water network or by having to take waste to landfill. However, changes in weather patterns with heavier, more intense storms, has challenged the UK highways network to develop a new approach to affordable gully cleaning.

Bringing environmental benefits to our clients

We have worked closely with JHL to develop a solution that will change the way in which these works are completed. The CityRECycler 206® has been developed to have full gully cleansing capability, enabling us to bring the benefits of a large recycler unit and integrate it with the urban capability of the CityFlex® (a small versatile unit, capable of getting into even the most restricted of spaces). This will see the next step in how we deliver ‘right first time’, environmentally friendly, solutions to our customers.

Equipped with a 6m3 tank, a legal payload of 5.2 tonnes and a jetting capacity 207 l/min at 160 bars, the CityRECycler® 206 can complete complex tasks, despite its small size. The unit comes with the newest fuel-saving technology that automatically reduces the revolutions of the engine and pumps to the minimum level required for the job. The fully automated process enables the unit to shut down the vacuum pump when there is enough vacuum in the tank, significantly reducing fuel consumption and environmental footprint of the unit.

The compact unit with the rear mounted, remotely controlled, boom has been fitted with boom jets and has the ability for full recycling. This will reduce the clean water usage by 32% and the waste to landfill by 18%, giving our teams 12% more time available on site.

At the forefront of development in the industry

Sapphire Utility Solutions has been at the forefront of the development of the equipment and the way in which its capabilities can be used to their full potential. In addition, working closely with water companies and main contractors, solutions have been developed that have improved productivity, reduced follow-on works and reduced the impact on the environment, which have changed the face of the drainage industry.

Colin Kelly, Managing Director of Sapphire Utility Solutions, commented: “The introduction of the urban recycler and the development of the gully cleaning solution is further evidence of Sapphire’s approach to innovation. We are a young company, but already we have developed a reputation as a forward-thinking innovative organisation, who works collaboratively with others to develop solutions that benefit our clients and partners. We believe that the urban recycler will change the way in which the industry approaches highway maintenance and gully cleaning.”

Liam Kearney, Business Development Director at JHL, said: “We have a proven track record going back 15 years of bringing high quality solutions and equipment to the market. We are pleased to have worked closely with Sapphire Utility Solutions to further develop innovative solutions and our investment in developing a UK support network will allow us to continue to support our customer network. We are currently working on some further developments with Sapphire which we are excited to bring to the market.”

If you would like to know more about how Sapphire Utility Solutions and the CityRECycler® 206 can benefit you, please contact us.

You can also come and see the Urban Recycler on booth A40 at Utility Week Live at the Birmingham NEC, 23rd and 24th May.


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