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Collapsed sewer rebuilt under railway tracks

Our team are currently rebuilding a collapsed sewer underneath a railway line in Burnley!

The flooding of the railway track occurred in April 2021 in Burnley, Lancashire shortly before we started our plans to rebuild the sewer with Network Rail. The sewer which was 300mmx300mm had collapsed when our staff attended site to do their initial investigations, finding the sewer was fully blocked with loose stone slabs wedged into the sewer, resulting in the blockage and heavy build-up of rags.

Our team got to work after much discussion, organisation and planning to replace the sewer which would result in restoring the gravity flow to the area. A long-term solution was put in place to ensure the sewer was stable and could flow freely in the sewer beneath the railway line, conducting the work through manholes 18m apart at either side of the tracks.

Well done to the team who have been working around the clock on this sewer repair job in partnership with United Utilities, which was handled with minimal disruption to the public and surrounding areas.

Our team are on track to complete this job as soon as possible with more than 20 people working on site. Once the sewer repair has been completed, our reinstatement team will ensure the public footpath and private land on either side will be put back to its original state.

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