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LC-ICON2Renovation and repair of pipes, drains and sewers

The integrity of underground pipes is constantly challenged. Pipes may crack and joints may fail as a result of many different factors. Excavation to replace failed drains, sewers and chambers invariably involves deep excavations and lengthy project completion times, resulting in substantial disruption to the network and the local community.

We are pleased to offer our clients a range of no-dig techniques and innovative new technologies, designed to make the process of renovating and repairing pipes, safer, more efficient and less disruptive, when compared with traditional excavations.

Our lining teams are some of the best in the business and have the skills and capabilities to provide a number of lining options, along with our technologically advanced, range of robotic cutters – one of which is only available in the UK through Sapphire Utility Solutions.

Our lining options include:

  • Patch lining – lining the part of the pipe containing a defect, rather than the whole pipe
  • Ambient lining – Used mainly for domestic properties and has accelerators in the lining which cure due to a chemical reaction
  • Cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining – traditional hot cure lining, using hot water to cure the lining
  • UV lining – a specialist lining technique that is not widely offered by utility companies. A more flexible and environmentally friendly solution, when compared with traditional lining options.
    Read our case study here
  • Gas pipe lining – A first for the gas industry.

In addition to our lining options, we are also proud to offer our clients a range of robotic cutting systems, designed to travel through pipes to remove defects, without the need for excavations.

We have a robotic cutter for all pipe diameters, including the ‘Climolino’, the first of its kind in the UK, designed to work in pipes of 2″ diameter and above and has the ability to climb vertically to reach the most inaccessible of places. Sapphire Utility Solutions is proud to be the first provider of this service.

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Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.

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