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c-and-cCustomer & Community

Passionate about our customers

At Sapphire we are passionate about our customers and are committed to developing, inspiring and empowering our people to deliver a leading customer experience.

During the recruitment process we seek to ‘recruit for attitude’ and take time to assess an individual’s attitude to delivering a great customer experience. Skills can be developed and our training and development can be customised to meet past experiences, however a passion for customer service is our priority.

By investing in our people and sharing best practice in customer service from across the industry, we aim to continuously develop our processes and procedures, increasing customer satisfaction and improving the service we deliver.

A consistent approach

Consistency is vital when delivering a great customer experience. We believe that a process that has deliberate customer touch points, designed to ensure that the customer is engaged throughout the process, is essential to success.

As a result, we proactively engage with the customer during all stages of our work, ensuring that they are kept informed of progress and notifying them of any delays or changes. Whilst on site, safety and cleanliness are important factors. By ensuring that the site is safe, informative and correctly branded, we can ensure we portray a professional and controlled manner.

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Passionate about our communities

The impact of our work extends beyond maintaining our vital utility services. Leaving a lasting positive legacy for communities is an essential part of our approach to sustainability.

We take great pride in our involvement in community projects and charity fundraising and we encourage all of our people to participate in whatever way they can.

We also seek to support organisations that work with young people to help provide development and interests that broaden their minds. As a result, we are currently developing apprenticeships with local colleges, to create tomorrow’s workforce for our industry. We are passionate about developing the workforce for tomorrow and working with local communities to be a leading employer in our community. This year has seen our first intake of apprentices and is something we are eager to build on.

Each year, we participate in a wide range of fundraising and community events across the UK, ranging from family fun days to raise money for local community centres, to funding kits for local sports teams and working with local schools, raising the awareness of traffic risk and the risks of working in the highway.

Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.

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