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Passionate about innovation

We passionately embrace new ways of thinking, working collaboratively with our partners to become a catalyst for change.

At Sapphire we are passionate about innovation. As an industry, we will not meet the challenges of the current Asset Management Programme by doing more of the same. We have a three-step approach to innovation:

  • Cultural: Re-chip our culture to embrace a different way of working
  • Technical: Re-think systems and technologies to reduce or remove cost and improve outputs
  • Process: Design, plan and organise for ‘right first time delivery’ through LEAN processes.

Innovation is required at every level of the industry to deliver the technical, process and cultural innovation necessary to ensure we meet the future needs of the network.

It is imperative that we develop new and leaner ways of working, identifying areas of waste and working together as a team, to remove cost, whilst at the same time improving safety, quality and delivering a great customer experience.

We are committed to embracing new ways of thinking and our partnership with JD7 allows us to offer our clients our innovative new Network Intelligence Service. Contact us to find out more.

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