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Compared with traditional lining methods, Sapphire Utility Solutions’, UV lining service, is a faster, more cost effect and environmentally friendly way of repairing or renovating pipes. With only a four-man crew required and no need for a boiler on site to ensure hot water, UV lining can be used in compact sites in city centre areas, as well as more environmentally sensitive sites, due to the lack of styrene contaminated water.

The resin used in the liner is also chemical-resistant, making it a perfect solution for the petrochemical industry as the liner will not rot or erode as chemicals pass through the pipe.

The process involves inserting a liner into the pipe that is infused with a special resin, containing UV initiators. A UV Light Train with built in CCTV is pulled through to check the positioning and identify any obstructions.

The UV lights are then activated, causing the resin to cure. This effectively creates a new pipe within the pipe, restoring the structural integrity of the drain or sewer.

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Why choose UV lining?

  • A safer way of working – our operatives are not disposing of contaminated water or working with hot water on site
  • Faster installation time – a quicker method from start to finish, meaning less disruption to the local community
  • A more sustainable option – smaller carbon footprint on site
  • Less disruption – silent unit, no odour, less time on site and no need for excavations
  • Durable and long lasting – ten times stronger that CIPP lining and a 70-year design life
  • A flexible solution – can easily be used in rural areas and high traffic, city centre environments
  • Reduced liner thickness- the extra structural strength of the UV liner means we can reduce the thickness of the liner and minimise the pipe diameter reduction
  • Diameter range from 150mm up to 1500mm in both circular and non -circular pipes, sewers and culverts
  • All liners are designed to BS EN 13566-4 specification.
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Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.

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