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cutter2Robotic Cutters

At the forefront of no-dig technology is the use of robotic cutters. This is a safer, more efficient and cost effective method of repairing or renovating damaged pipes.

The robotic cutters travel their way along the pipe and cut out any defects at the source of the problem, rather than replacing a whole length of pipe. These tools are so precise, that they can be used to cut and grind out a whole range of foreign objects found in pipes and sewers — from concrete, cement and other materials that have made their way into drainage systems, to resins, compacted brick dust and other materials that can collect in pipes. All can be cut up into manageable pieces for removal using our robotic cutters, without the need for costly excavations, creating a safer environment for our workforce.

This technology can even be used for households, clearing obstructions that have mistakenly made their way into the drains.

We have a number of different robotic cutters available for use by our clients. Including the ‘Climolino’ – the first of its kind available in the UK. Our range of robotic cutters is as follows:

  • Large diameter robot – 200mm – 700mm pipes
    Crawler based robot
  • Climb cutter – 85mm – 225mm pipes
    Has the ability to climb up a vertical shaft
  • Climolino – 2″ pipes and above
    Sapphire Utility Solutions is the first company in the UK to be able to provide the Climolino robot to its clients
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Why choose robotic cutters?

  • A safer way of working – our operatives are not exposed to the risks involved in traditional excavations
  • Faster installation time – a quicker method from start to finish, meaning less disruption to the local community
  • A more sustainable option – smaller carbon footprint on site
  • Less disruption – less time on site and no need for excavations
  • A flexible solution – can easily be used in rural areas and high traffic, city centre environments.
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Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.

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