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Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering resources may be required for a variety of projects. From excavations for drainage, gas and electricity repairs or new connections to structural renovation, tunnelling, enabling works and embankment cutting or stabilising.

At Sapphire Utility Solutions, we have the in-house capability to undertake civil engineering projects, without the need to outsource and use subcontractors, allowing our clients to benefit from a full-service solution.

Our employees are trained in accordance with NRSWA standards and have the ability to work on any highway network in the UK. With the capability to use several reinstatement and restoration methods, we select the appropriate method of restoration or repair to offer best value for money and to minimise disruption to our clients and the local community.

Keeping our civil engineering capability in-house allows us to control quality, ensuring that works are carried out with the same level of quality and professionalism that is expected of the Sapphire brand. Our clients know that when they sign a contract with Sapphire Utility Solutions, it will be our operatives that arrive to do the work and not that of a third-party contractor, who may not have the same feeling of respect and responsibility.

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Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.

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