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CCTV Pipe Inspection Unit

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Sapphire Utility Solutions offers many cost-effective solutions to inspecting drains and sewers. Whether you need help to prevent future costly blockages, or find out the extent of a current blockage, our CCTV surveys are an accurate way to get an instant picture of the condition of your underground drains.

We use specialist camera systems and software to carry out drains surveys. A drain survey can alert you to any potential problems, such as structural issues or blockages and allows work to take place to prevent any larger drainage problems in the future.

Our CCTV surveys can be used for residential, industrial and commercial properties and infrastructure such as roads and railways. The cameras relay images to a mobile van unit, enabling us to assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer, with no disruption to the surrounding area.

From the data we collect from your survey, we compile a comprehensive report and will also give recommendations and costs involved for any works that may be necessary to get your drains flowing fully again. We also have the facility to offer our clients an integrated solution, using our recycler units, complete with CCTV cameras. This reduces disruption and costs for our clients with only one crew needed to survey the drains and complete any works required.

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Round the clock support...

In order to provide a ‘round the clock’ support to the business, we also run our own camera repair centre, where we carry spare parts and replacement units should we need to repair or replace cameras in the event of a breakdown.

We have a mobile workshop and training centre that attends all of our operating centres on a regular basis to service and inspect the equipment and to provide training and guidance as required.

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Please contact us for more information about our services in this area.

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